Frederic Ducout has spent the last 20 years as a professional photographer shooting a huge variety of subjects all over the world. Starting as an editorial photographer for interior design magazines he has shot over 500 incredible homes for many leading magazines including 'The World of Interiors', ‘AD’, Monocle, Elle Decor, Vogue, Condenast Travelers,..

His work has been printed across countries including France, China, Italy, U.K, Australia, USA, Russia, Spain, Germany, HK, Belgium, … Frederic has also developed a strong passion for shooting cuisine and chefs, and produced recipe books for some of the worlds most rebound chefs.

Frederic's work now extends to portraits and travel photography as well as interior photography for designers.

He has a reputation for creating stunning photographs as a master of light and bringing a special artistic energy to his work for interiors, people and landscapes.

His first exhibition in Paris in September portrays of portraits of 18 famous interior designers and is to be the first of many exhibitions to come where Frederic will be expressing the artistic side of his work.